• Shark Wake Park Opens In North Myrtle Beach

    Shark Wake Park 843 officially opened to the public at 12 noon on Friday, June 17, 2016. The two-day Grand Opening event included live music, food, refreshments, beer and plenty of cable wakeboarding.

    • Shark Wake Park
    South Carolina’s first full-size cable watersports park opened Friday, June 17 at the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex.

    Water sports lovers now have a new place to practice as Shark Wake Park opened on Friday, June 17, 2016.

    The park, located in the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex, was founded by Greg Norman Jr., who has gone to cable wakeboarding parks from the time he was 16. Norman said the park is unique in South Carolina – no other complex allows multiple riders on the water at the same time, while his five-tower circuit allows seven people to ride at once.

    “You could be riding right in front of or right behind one of the best cable park riders in the world,” Norman said. “You can see how they ride, you can interact with them, you can create that cable park community and culture.”

    On the main course at Shark Wake Park, riders have nine ramps to ride off of on the main circuit, with the highest jump – the “big kicker” – located closest to a waterside viewing deck and beer garden. Tie-dye patterned cornhole boards sat near the water, emblazoned with logos for Sweetwater Brewing Co.

    Norman said the beer garden would be a good place for riders’ friends to come and watch them if they weren’t in the mood to get on the water, but that riders who step up to the bar and buy a drink would forfeit any remaining time on the water they have bought.

    “We have multiple redundancy systems to make sure none of our customers will consume alcohol and ride,” he said.

    On the far side of the park’s lake is a smaller, simpler, two-tower cable system, where complete beginners can get comfortable. Norman said this area is similar to a “bunny slope” on a ski mountain.

    The cables on both routes, which are lifted far above the water, make it easier to stand as riders are almost automatically pulled upward.

    Shark Wake Park will be open year-round.

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    Portions of this article are courtesy of Chloe Johnson and The State.