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  • Q. Where did the Great White Shark nickname originate?

    A. It started in 1981 when I was leading The Masters. The media didn't know who I was or anything about my background and started asking questions about the unknown blond-haired Aussie with an aggressive style of play who used to swim and dive with the sharks. "Great White Shark To Win The Masters" headlines suddenly started appearing in the press. The Great White Shark logo came about in the late 80s. I own the logo and the rights to it, and it has been a tremendous success story from day one.

  • Q. What is your favorite major?

    A. I have no preferences, as they're all equal in stature, though obviously I would have liked to win The Masters. I've won two British Opens and would love to get the hat trick. But if you ask me which is the best tournament, I'd say two different majors for two different reasons: The Masters because it's pure golf and the British Open because it's pure everything.

  • Q. What was your greatest golfing moment?

    A. My greatest moment is still my first professional win -- the 1976 West Lakes Classic in Australia. Even though I've accomplished things on a much bigger stage since then, that win in my first year as a touring professional gave me the added confidence I needed to go on to win other events. It was a very big victory for me.

  • Q. What is your greatest regret?

    A. Probably hitting the 4-iron on 18 in '86 (at the Masters) instead of a 5-iron.

  • Q. What are your five favorite golf courses?

    A. Of the ones I have played: Royal Melbourne, Composite course; Doonbeg; Augusta National; Harbor Town; St. Andrews; and Shinnecock.

  • Q. What's your favorite hole?

    A. No. 5 at Royal Melbourne and No. 12 at St. Andrews. The 14th at Doonbeg in Ireland turned out to be one of the best short par-3 holes that I've ever played.

  • Q. Do you have heroes?

    A. Absolutely. The highest respect I can give to anyone is to Nelson Mandela because of what happened to him. It was 22 or 23 years of incarceration and the guy doesn't have one bit of malice in his body. I had dinner with him one time and it was probably the best meal I've ever had in my life. It was the only time I've ever sat there just mesmerized.

  • Q. Who would be in your ideal foursome?

    A. I would love to have played with Ben Hogan, Sam Snead and Bobby Jones, but sadly I never got to experience them live. They all epitomize the game of golf to such a high degree and in different ways too -- such a broad spectrum of individuals. Hogan was the stoic guy, Snead the pure swinger and Jones the true gentleman.

  • Q. How did Great White Shark Enterprises get started?

    A. I wanted to get involved with businesses, not just do endorsement deals. The plan was twofold: I wanted to structure my business interests in such a way that after I stopped playing golf I would have something to go on to that I would enjoy doing. Second, I wanted to structure them in such a way that the fruits of my energies were not in a three-year or five-year endorsement.

  • Q. What in your life are you most proud of?

    A. Without question my two children (Morgan and Gregory).

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